Oncology Nursing - Pain & Comfort Management

April 10, 2016

Date: April 18 - May 02, 2016


COURSE SUMMARYAdvances in veterinary medicine mean that pets are living longer, with many diseases of old age, such as cancer, being managed long-term. Management of pain in these patients is essential to maintain optimum quality of life. To achieve this, pain must be recognised and treated appropriately, through constant re-evaluation, tailoring analgesia to address patients changing needs. As in many areas of cancer treatment, veterinary nurses have an essential role to play in comfort management.This module aims to overview the options available - from pharmacological strategies, to nursing care, both in the hospital environment and at home, in conjunction with owners, whilst encouraging delegates to consider analgesia and its management in the cancer-bearing patients they care for.LEARNING OUTCOMESBy the end of this module, successful candidates will be able to: Objectively assess cancer patients' analgesic needs as part of their nursing management, and in relation to their quality of life Consider pharmacological and non-pharmacological modalities and their suitability for the individual patient Implement care plans which include administration of analgesia, patient monitoring and nursing care; in both the hospital and home environments, and in conjunction with ownersWhat do previous participants think of this course?"I really enjoyed the CPD I recently did with Oncore. The course lecturer was really informative and supportive. It was a fun and informal way of learning that easily fitted around my busy schedule! I found the online forum a great place to learn and easy to use. I will be recommending Oncore to my Nursing friends." Beth Bond, June 2015"Both the discussion board and the coursework involved in this course were both extremely beneficial in terms of increasing my knowledge and also helping to produce practical, useable pieces of work.The support provided on this course is second to none. I would definitely consider signing up to another course in the future." Emma Simmons, June 2015TUTORLinda Ryan (Roberts) DipAVN (Medical) VTS (Oncology) RVN

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