Old School, New School: Meet Dr. Seasoned!

dvm360dvm360 January 2019
Volume 50
Issue 1

Wedding bells are ringing for Dr. Greenskin! What does her growing family mean for her career ambitions?

Illustration by Ryan Ostrander

Little known to our readers, Dr. Greenskin has fallen in love! While she's been hard at work as an associate veterinarian at Doc Codger's clinic, she's also managed to sneak in regular date nights with a wonderful fellow she met online. His name is Will Seasoned, and he moved to town several years ago after attending medical school and completing a residency.

Before moving to his new home, Will downloaded some online dating apps to try to meet someone interesting. Will and Greenskin were surprised to find each other and to discover that they were a perfect match! As a bonus, Will owns two beautiful border collies.

Today is finally the big day! With the stress of planning the offer to Dr. Codger well behind her (check out the entire journey at dvm360.com/campfield), and with things at work mostly stabilizing since the corporate takeover, Greenskin and Will have seized the moment to get hitched and start planning their lives together.

Thinking that perhaps things do work out for the best, Greenskin has been contemplating starting a family, which makes her wonder if a corporate lifestyle is the best option after all. When she and Will first got together, he made a few comments and observations about his fiancée's work schedule-specifically, that she was on call all the time without necessarily being compensated for it. But ever since Practice Gobblers Inc. sent Doc Codger on his merry way, “on call” is no longer in the practice vocabulary. And some added efficiencies mean Dr. Greenskin arrives home in time for dinner much more frequently than before the buyout. Will has begun to think that marrying a veterinarian isn't actually the worst decision ever!

All wrapped up in the wedding festivities, Greenskin hasn't spent too much time thinking about her career lately. It may be that she feels more settled as an employee of a large corporation. She's letting go of ambitions to take over the world one pet at a time and realizing that caring for one animal and client at a time-day in and day out-is really more of a job than her vision of a “real” career. And maybe that's OK! This may be a natural progression for someone who worked hard to achieve the DVM dream but is now shifting her focus to her personal and family life.

The vows are done, the rings are on and the chapel is full of smiles and happy tears. The organ starts as she begins the walk of her life, hand in hand with the one she loves. At work or at home, Dr. Seasoned is ready for whatever lies ahead!

Dr. Greenskin has come so far in a short few years. Are you happy with how she's handled the twists and turns of her early life as veterinarian? Would you like to follow her career as Dr. Seasoned? What path would you like to see her embark on? Let us know your thoughts and cast your vote on the future of Old School, New School by emailing dvmnews@ubm.com

Dr. Jeremy Campfield lives near Sacramento with his family, including a mini Aussie and a Pitbull mix that some mistake for a chocolate Lab (to the delight of her owners). When the family is not getting their hands dirty in the garden, Dr. Campfield indulges in his love for the outdoors with hiking, kitesurfing and climbing aboard any two-wheeled contraption.

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