Not sure what your veterinary technicians can do? Ask them

October 15, 2018
Brian Conrad, CVPM
Brian Conrad, CVPM

Brian Conrad, CVPM, has been the practice manager for Meadow Hills Veterinary Center in Kennewick, Wash., since 1999. During his tenure at Meadow Hills, the clinic has been named Veterinary Economics Hospital of the Year in 2001 and the 2004 Mid-Columbia Small Business of the Year. Conrad is a frequent lecturer for the Fetch dvm360 conferences and a contributor to Veterinary Economics and Firstline magazines. He was recently appointed to the board of directors for the Veterinary Hospital Management Association.

You may be leaving clinic efficiencies on the table by under utilizing staff superstars.

In his capacities as a hospital administrator and a Fetch dvm360 conference speaker, Brian Conrad, CVPM, has the opportunity to mingle with many veterinary professionals. He reports that everyone from practice owners to technicians agree on this point: In general, technicians are an underused clinic resource.

How do they get the most out of techs in the clinics Conrad oversees? As fellow Fetch speaker Dr. Robin Downing advocates, his technicians perform every task within their legal scope.

"We push their skill level right up until where the law cuts it off and says they can't do anything more," he says.

Vet tech glory galore!

'The day does not run without my veterinary technicians.'

Vets can solve every problem (y'know, as long as they have techs).

'Technicians are our lifeline'.

That level of responsibility surely frazzles techs and makes them bitter in practice, right? On the contrary, Conrad says that's exactly what they want and expect.

"Job satisfaction is incredible because they're getting to do things that they were trained to do," he says.

Conrad says if you're not sure how your technicians can make the practice run more efficiently, simply ask. There may be aspects of management, leadership or practical workflow where they can be a very powerful resource, he says.

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