Nice-to-have traits in a veterinary practice owner


There are some qualities an associate must have to be a successful practice owner. Then there are other qualities that aren't absolutely necessary but can be taught.

Some qualities aren't absolutely necessary for success, but they will certainly help veterinary associates on the leadership path. Fortunately, you can teach many of these traits. Here are the three skills an associate must develop:

1. Thinking. The associate should be able to stay organized and focused, reflect accuracy and clarity in work, and consider the broader impact of current decisions while generating innovative ideas and maintaining an optimistic attitude.

2. Conduct. Potential owners should demonstrate respect for clients and coworkers while building and nurturing positive working relationships. They should also demonstrate a reliable work ethic.

3. Striving. The ability to continually learn and improve skills shows a desire to make a difference, which is very important in a leader. Future practice owners should be able to work independently and initiate investigation and research. They should also take pride in their accomplishments and the accomplishments of coworkers.

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