Newly patented Calm & Cozy Cat Wrap is evolving feline care


Only product of its kind offering multiple access points for treatment to keep veterinarians safe while enhancing care

Calm & Cozy Vet Products, LLC, a veterinarian-owned small business, announced that the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a new patent, No. 11,344,396, on the Calm & Cozy Cat Wrap product created by its founder, Surell Levine, VMD.

A patient secure in the Calm & Cozy Cat Wrap (Photo courtesy of Calm & Cozy Vet Products, LLC).

A patient secure in the Calm & Cozy Cat Wrap (Photo courtesy of Calm & Cozy Vet Products, LLC).

According to a company release,1 the swaddle-like product gently uses pressure to calm anxious cats and keep those treating them safe, without utilizing sedatives. Particularly, the product is helpful for clinics and mobile veterinary businesses experiencing the impacts of industry-wide veterinary staff shortages.

The wrap is the only available product providing access to various points that enable veterinarians to complete an array of procedures (eg, blood draws, urine samples, blood pressure checks, nail trimming, etc) while a cat remains comfortable and secure.

“The issuing of this patent gives us more strength and credibility in the marketplace. Other feline restraint methods on the market such as towels or ‘cat bags’ do not maintain a secure hold on anxious cats or can cause choking and discomfort,” commented Levine, in the release.1 “Thirty-five percent of my patients are cats. When I was short-staffed, I had to figure out how I could keep treating those patients on my own without assistance and at a high level of care while keeping them – and myself – safe.”

The Calm & Cozy Cat Wrap holds the cat’s body tightly, so its head movements are easier to predict, resulting in a reduced chance of bites to a caregiver, and the material prevents claws from penetrating. The wrap also applies uniform, constant, and deep pressure around the cat’s body, relaxing muscle tone and decreasing blood pressure, heart rate and basal metabolic rate, making lab data simpler to obtain and results more accurate.

“Since launching this product, so many vets have told us that our wrap has changed the way they practice feline medicine,” shared Levine. “Vets tell us it has been a game changer, an absolute necessity, and they don’t know how they used to practice without it. In a time when our field is overworked, understaffed and deflated, I’m so proud that our product has made lives better for so many veterinarians, not to mention the cats and owners they serve.”

She added: “With the mental health challenges faced by the veterinary industry, any tool that can alleviate day-to-day stressors – including unruly patients – has an advantage because it is a very real and serious issue.”1

The Calm & Cozy Cat Wrap is USA-made and constructed from 100% polyester fleece in various colors. The machine washable product fits all adult-size cats. A wrap is also available for kittens.


Newly patented Calm & Cozy Cat Wrap delivers a trifecta of benefits for cats, veterinarians and owners. News release. Calm & Cozy Vet Products, LLC. August 9, 2022. Accessed August 17, 2022.

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