New VVCA executive director named


Graysen Gilbraith Biensch will help maintain quality standards for the nonprofit organization

Graysen Gilbraith Biensch joins the Veterinary Virtual Care Association (VVCA) as its new executive director. The VVCA was founded in May of 2020 with the mission to make virtual care a standard of care in veterinary medicine. The nonprofit organization aids veterinarians by advocating for virtual care best practices and providing educational resources.

According to a VVCA release,1 Gilbraith Biensch will work to “continually enhance an exceptional member experience and benefits, build and foster meaningful partnerships with industry allies and affiliates while advocating for virtual care across the United States, and ultimately work diligently to ensure that quality virtual veterinary care is accessible to all pets” in her new position.

Graysen Gilbraith Biensch (Photo courtesy of VVCA)

Graysen Gilbraith Biensch (Photo courtesy of VVCA)

Gilbraith Biensch told dvm360®, "I am thrilled to be the Executive Director of the Veterinary Virtual Care Association. I have a lifetime of experience in the industry as I grew up in it. I have been deeply devoted to this industry ever since I can remember. The opportunity to be the executive director of the VVCA enables me to work alongside some of the leading industry experts to ensure that pets have access to virtual care and to pave a path that leaves veterinary professionals feeling well-equipped for practicing virtual care."

Gilbraith Biensch brings varying experiences in the veterinary industry to the VVCA. She was raised by a DVM who started as a sole practitioner in a rural setting and has since evolved to strictly companion animal practices. Virtual care has always been recognized by Gilbraith Biensch as vital in the survival of patients and the improved client experience.

"We are working on so much behind the scenes that we cannot wait to share! Right now, I am focusing on working with our board to build an enhanced membership experience revolving around virtual care that will provide exclusive information and updates on legislative and regulatory activity along with educational tools, networking opportunities, how-to guides, data and research, and access to veterinary professionals and peers across the globe! I also hope to establish more relationships with industry partners and affiliates and help answer the questions—'what does offering virtual care in my practice look like for me?' and 'how can I be involved in the virtual care space as an industry affiliate?' The VVCA is also involved in advocacy in states where virtual care is a legislative topic and there are many exciting updates in the pipeline," Gilbraith Biensch told dvm360.

She added, "We are launching a 5-part podcast series on March 15th hosted by one of our board members specific to mastering all things related to virtual veterinary referrals!" Veterinary professionals can learn more abotu this podcast series and other VVCA program on the website at


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