New pet health insurance group formed


Petshealth, the ASPCA, PetsBest, Trupanion, and SecuriCan meet as National American Pet Health Insurance Association.

Following up the North American Pet Health Insurance Summit held in September, representatives from SecuriCan, Trupanion, PetsBest, the ASPCA, and Petshealth met in Orlando Jan. 19 in conjunction with the North American Veterinary Conference. These companies form the core of the newly formed National American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA).

According to Dr. Jack Stephens, founder and president of PetsBest, the group will be inviting other pet health insurance companies to join. The association intends to launch a site that lists its standards for membership in February. The organization also plans to work with an independent firm to develop a site where policy owners can ask questions and rate their experience with the member companies.

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