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New neurological support supplement unveiled


Recognizes importance of maintaining brain health as dogs age

Mary Swift / stock.adobe.com

Mary Swift / stock.adobe.com

Cascade Animal Sciences, an animal health start-up based in the United States and Australia, has released its first dietary supplement product called Neuro-Pro, created for middle-to-senior-aged dogs and dogs that require neurological support. According to a company release,1 it can be added to dogs’ regular feed and includes a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) formulation that acts as an alternative fuel source for the brain with anti-inflammatory effects.

"Even with the growing awareness of geriatric care and neurological disorders in veterinary medicine through landmark projects like the Dog Aging Project", expressed Alice Edwards, BSc, chief veterinary officer and a founder at Cascade. "Cognitive decline is still overlooked by many due to its subtle and gradual process. We hope to shine a further spotlight on this to ensure a better quality of life for dogs."

Neuro-Pro's liquid formulation uses the most recent research in biochemistry and canine nutrition, containing decanoic (C10) and octanoic (C8) MCTs. Studies on diets enriched with MCTs revealed it improves 5-out-of-6 measurements of cognitive decline in dogs within 30 days of commencement, with substantial improvement across all measurements after 90 days.2

Additional studies have shown the benefits of MCTs connected to energy metabolism in dogs with epilepsy. A 2021 study3 looked at the cognitive abilities of dogs with epilepsy and found significant improvements in spatial working memory, problem-solving abilities, and owner trainability were observed secondary to the use of MCTs. Cascade will also collaborate with the veterinary industry in using MCTs to promote the cognitive health of dogs with epilepsy and decrease the side of effects anti-epileptic drugs.

Sean Hughes, BSc Hons, PhD, a biochemist by training and Cascade's chief scientific officer said, "The brain is a highly energy-dependent organ that requires a constant supply of energy to function. Unfortunately, as dogs age, it is believed that their brains become less efficient at using glucose as an energy source, which can lead to a decline in cognitive function and quality of life.” He added, "In addition to crossing the blood-brain barrier and being metabolized, the C10 fatty acids in Neuro-Pro provide neuronal anti-inflammatory effects. Neuro-Pro's formulation also contains C8 triglycerides, which, once metabolized, provide an alternative energy source for the brain in the form of ketones. This can help support overall brain health and play a role in preserving cognitive function."

Edwards concluded, in the release, "Cascade's sole focus is to provide veterinarians and dog owners with a simple way to achieve better brain health - and thereby improved quality of life. We see Neuro-Pro as a game changer for dog owners as it can be easily incorporated into a dogs' preferred diet, meaning that owners do not need to overhaul their feeding regime. We are thrilled to bring this to market and to offer a new way to support both canine neurological health and quality of life, particularly for senior dogs."1


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