New MRI at Schwarzman Animal Medical Center


The new imaging system will produce high-quality results for all patients

Schwarzman Animal Medical Center (AMC) in New York, New York, now has the new MAGNETOM Sola 1.5T MRI  available to use in its facility. According to a release from Schwarzman AMC,1 the new MRI machine has “BioMatrix Technology,” a type of artificial intelligence that automatically adjusts to a patient’s anatomical and physiological differences to overcome unwanted variations in MRI examinations. This can drastically improve results for veterinary medicine when patients are anesthetized during the MRI and these factors can help decrease the need for rescans because of the reliable, accurate results. The system is also equipped to adapt to challenging anatomies in certain areas of the patient’s body.2

MAGNETOM Sola 1.5T MRI. (Photo courtesy of Schwarzman Animal Medical Center)

MAGNETOM Sola 1.5T MRI. (Photo courtesy of Schwarzman Animal Medical Center)

“By delivering unmatched levels of automation and personalization that address patient and user variability we are able to achieve high-quality imaging – consistently and efficiently – across all patients and parts of the body,” said Chad West, chief clinical officer and head of neurology at the Schwarzman AMC.1

The Schwarzman AMC is the world’s largest non-profit animal hospital with more than 130 veterinarians on staff providing 24/7 veterinary care across more than 20 specialties and services for dogs, cats, and exotic pets.3 AMC’s renowned diagnostic imaging and neurology teams include 3 distinguished board-certified neurologists and 4 accomplished radiologists. AMC has been at the forefront of veterinary diagnostic imaging with an MRI on-site for more than 20 years, establishing itself as a pioneer in utilizing advanced imaging in veterinary medicine for treatment planning.1

“We wanted to find the best of both worlds,” says Helen M. Irving, RN, MBA, president & CEO of the Schwarzman AMC. “We needed an MRI scanner that delivered high quality images with accuracy and speed, so as to reduce the overall time any pet is under anesthesia. The MAGNETOM Sola was the obvious choice for us.”1


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