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New veterinary assistant learning program aims to elevate veterinary teams


IGNITE Veterinary Solutions unveils the IGNITE Veterinary Assistant Program

Studio Romantic / stock.adobe.com

Studio Romantic / stock.adobe.com

IGNITE Veterinary Solutions, a leading veterinary learning company, announced the launch of IGNITE Veterinary Assistant Program (IVAP), a skills-based learning program designed to elevate veterinary teams and deliver higher levels of veterinary care. According to a release from IGNITE,1 this new learning program will provide tools that enable all roles in the hospital to thrive.

IVAP was developed by credentialed veterinary technicians and tries to tackle the rising problems facing the veterinary profession including demanding pet owners, staff shortages, and long hours causing chaotic hospital environments. IGNITE believes that veterinary assistants can and should play a key role in relieving some of these common challenges.1

"We live in a time when people increasingly make career decisions based on personal development, well-being, mental health, and purpose. When veterinary hospitals actively invest to upskill or reskill their teams, they help address these needs and take control of their future, improving retention, and hospital performance," said Mark SHaw, IGNITE CEO, in the release.1

IVAP highlights and goals:1

  • The program has an advanced curriculum and guarantees the acquisition of new skills by veterinary assistants, promoting continuous growth and commitment in their roles.
  • Focusing on improving client communication, IGNITE believes a well-trained assistant contributes to a smoother and more efficient experience for pet parents, fostering greater trust and satisfaction among both pet owners and the veterinary team.
  • Proper utilization of the entire veterinary team can ensure optimal care for animals, leading to improved health outcomes.
  • Proficient veterinary assistants reduce the occurrence of avoidable mistakes, allowing more time to be dedicated to patient care. This enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the hospital.

"IVAP changes all of that," Shaw continued. "We asked our customers, and we listened – they said we want a program that is fun, engaging, authentic, and meets staff where they are - mobile, tablet, workstation, surrounds them with community, rewards learning, and ultimately makes their hospital the one where people want to stay and build a career. Our incredibly passionate team did it! IVAP answers that call."1

IGNITE also pledges a portion of all IVAP sales proceeds to Not One More Vet, a nonprofit working to offer well-being resources to all members of the veterinary community.1

To learn more about IVAP, please visit the IGNITE website at https://learn.ignitevet.com/bundles/ivap


IGNITE unveils the IGNITE Veterinary Assistant Program (IVAP): Empowering veterinary teams to deliver exceptional practice performance. News release. IGNITE Veterinary Solutions. January 4, 2024. Accessed January 15, 2024.

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