New challenges for veterinary students

January 20, 2020
Erica Tricarico, Managing Editor

NAVC's Chief Veterinary Officer Dana Varble, DVM, explains how veterinary student challenges have evolved since she was a student.

At this year's VMX conference in Orlando, Fla., Dana Varble, DVM, Chief Veterinary Officer for NAVC, shared some new veterinary student challenges.

Dr. Varble told that when she was in vet school, students weren't required to take classes on advanced imaging. But with recent advancements in veterinary medicine, knowledge of how to use these medical tools is crucial, she explained.

"We have things like CT and ultrasound readily available, stuff like that was more of an optional course, maybe an elective when I was in veterinary school and now it's really standard....Veterinarians already have a lot of ground to cover in school right? All the species, all the specialties, now they have even more advanced treatments that they [students] really need base knowledge of coming out school," she said, acknowledging that it's hard to cram in all of that learning in four years.

Watch the video below for more from Dr Varble about new challenges for veterinary students.