Neo Bites appoints Texas-based veterinarian as advisor


Mike Walker, DVM, will strive to support the clinical approach to insect protein dog food through his new role with Neo Bites.

Mike Walker, DVM, new advisor of Neo Bites (Photo courtesy of Neo Bites).

Mike Walker, DVM, new advisor of Neo Bites (Photo courtesy of Neo Bites).

Neo Bites—a sustainable pet food startup aiming to improve dog health and the pet food industry's relationship with the environment— named Mike, Walker, DVM, as a new advisor. In his new role, Walker will support the company's clinical approach to insect protein dog food and help promote innovation in this area.

"Neo Bites really stands out as a breath of fresh air in an industry known to repeat itself and lack innovation over the years," expressed Walker, in a company release.

"We are still early in the alternative protein market and there is a great window of opportunity to become an industry standard and leader that can position us for excellent growth and brand recognition moving forward," he added.

After obtaining his Doctorate from Texas A&M University's College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedicine, Walker founded Apollo Veterinary with a mission to revolutionize veterinary medicine for Central Texas dogs and cats. Because his focus was on dermatology, he witnessed how legacy pet food contributes to allergies and leads to other common ailments.

Frequently made with fillers and preservatives, legacy pet food is highly processed, and contains questionable meats. This lack of key nutrients contributes to various allergy conditions and high canine cancer rates. Plus, traditional pet foods' reliance on animal agriculture is a major contributor to environmental damage.

"Every day I see clients whose dogs come in with GI upset or itchy skin issues. The main source of allergies in dogs is actually the protein, most commonly chicken, beef, and dairy," explained Walker. "With Neo Bites, we give my clients an alternative that is trusted and truly hypoallergenic."

Neo Bites released its first line of functional dog food toppers powered by insect protein in late 2021 that featured 3 recipes, each formulated to meet a specific need. According to the release, insect protein offers a complete source of protein, containing micronutrients and more omega-3s than any other meat. Additionally, it is the only animal protein with a natural prebiotic, and it produces essentially no greenhouse gases.

"Dr. Walker's clinical guidance will enable us to engage with the veterinary community in ways that can positively impact dog health and our planet's health," remarked Wesley Cooper, Neo Bites co-founder and CEO. "We are proud to work together with him to evolve the pet food industry."


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