Myofascial Palpation and Medical Massage


Date: August 15 - June 09, 2018


Medical massage incorporates several methods of hands-on, low-force techniques that target restrictions and pain mostly in the soft tissues of the body. It improves quality of life, controls post-operative or post-procedural pain and stress, and supports mobility as well as functional recovery after injury, trauma, or surgery.Research from many medical disciplines, including osteopathic medicine, affirm the scientific effectiveness of integrative approaches like myofascial palpation & massage. It has been proven to treat pain, digestive problems, immune dysfunction, fatigue, and a variety of other conditions.Why Myofascial Palpation & Medical Massage?CuraCores course teaches you about the ways in which structure and function interrelate and express their connection in both health and disease.Our two-day hands-on workshop helps you develop thinking fingers to perform informed palpation of your patients, especially of the myofascial system. This will allow you to bolster your patients intrinsic self-healing capacity, involving neurologic, cardiovascular, digestive, immunologic and homeostatic physiologic networks.

Event type: On line and on site

Event Address: Hilton Hotel

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Sponsor: CuraCore

For More Information:Kit Goodrich,CuraCore

905 S. Summit View ,905 S. Summit View ,Fort Collins ,COLORADO ,80524 ,United States


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