My Back Office Blunder: Dr. Receptionist?

April 6, 2016
Rachael Simmons

This veterinary receptionist had to keep her cool when a client was a little too revealing in the exam room.

Back Office Blunders are true tales of unusual client encounters in the back office-and beyond. We recommend discussing this scenario at your next team meeting. Then discuss how you might handle this challenging client encounter.

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One morning, one of our better veterinary clients came in for a check-up for her Yorkie. The dog needed to have a procedure performed in the treatment area, so when I went to get the paperwork from the exam room, her owner quickly shut the door and asked if I'd do her a favor. Since I'm afflicted with the can't-say-no gene, I said OK. Without blinking an eye, she pulled up her skirt clear to her thigh and asked me if a spot on her leg was ringworm. Awkward! So I did a quick glance and told her she should really see her doctor.

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