Merial beginning to fill back orders for veterinarians waiting on Purevax


Distribution of the feline rabies vaccines stopped in April after irregularities found in product.

Customers of Purevax were notified in April that Merial was halting production and distribution of the feline rabies vaccine. Irregularities found in the physical appearance of the vaccine prompted the manufacturer to examine product quality.

Natasha Mahanes, Merial’s director of North America communications, says the irregularities are aggregates of protein that may appear as a white precipitate. Changes in the vaccine’s viscosity causing it to appear gel-like have also been reported. “The protein is a normal component of the vaccine but is not usually in this aggregated form; the reconstituted form appears relatively clear and is viscous,” Mahanes says.

According to Mahanes, Merial has already started filling back orders with a new supply of the vaccine and hopes to return to full supply levels as soon as possible. “Merial realizes this has been a disruption to our customers’ business and we are working quickly to resolve this issue,” Mahanes says.

The voluntary stoppage in production only affects Purevax feline rabies vaccine, not Purevax vaccines for feline leukemia, panleukopenia or respiratory diseases. Additional questions and concerns should be directed to Merial’s Veterinary Technical Services at 1-888-MERIAL-1, option 3.

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