Merck launches new certification program with Not One More Vet


The practice certification will endorse more than 200 clinics across the United States as 'mentally healthy workplaces'



Merck Animal Health recently announced that it is partnering with Not One More Vet (NOMV) to launch a new certification program to help create and maintain work environments that prioritize well-being and mental health. The CLEAR (Compassion, Listening, Energy, Action, Resources) Blueprint will be available anywhere in the world in any clinic or specialty setting.

Developed by an interdisciplinary team of veterinary and mental health professionals, the CLEAR Blueprint offers a practice certification process that keeps the clinic staff in mind. The certification’s goal is to inspire healthy work cultures in veterinary medicine while providing actionable tools and resources to energize workplaces.

“Veterinary medicine is an extremely rewarding field of work, but it can also be inherently difficult for many reasons. Fortunately, there are steps that employers and staff can take together to improve wellbeing and ultimately increase the wellbeing of veterinarians, staff, and everyone in the practice,” said Joseph Hahn, DVM, executive director, US companion animal, and equine professional services, in an organizational release.1 “We are a profession with tremendous capabilities and willpower, and our goal through this partnership with NOMV is to further cultivate and nourish a mentally healthy culture across the entire veterinary industry.”

The CLEAR Blueprint program is based on a whole-team assessment, meaning input from the entire team is required for a clinic to be certified. According to the release,1 first starting the program, 80% of a clinic’s paid staff needs to complete an anonymous survey where they will share their experiences in the workplace. The results will then allow clinics to focus on evolving certain areas to become sustainable workplaces for mental wellness in collaboration with NOMV.

To help the program be accessible to everyone, NOMV will be offering a scholarship program for teams that would like to participate, regardless of their ability to pay the fees to cover the cost of the program. The scholarships will be offered based on available funding and are anticipated to cover any program-related costs for 5% of participating clinics.

“The work being done by Not One More Vet to protect veterinarians – particularly those in early stages of their career – is well aligned with our work at Merck Animal Health to identify challenges and solutions and support veterinarians through all stages of their careers,” said Taylor Tillery, DVM, veterinary academic and industry liaison lead, veterinary, and consumer affairs.1 “I see firsthand some of the struggles new veterinarians face as they enter the industry and I’m proud to have our organizations working together to shape a healthier future for the people who care for our animals.”

Any interested veterinary clinics can apply for a scholarship here.


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