Merck Animal Health unveils Sure Petcare Animo GPS


Breakthrough smart device offers GPS and dog behavioral tracking features

Photo courtesy of Merck Animal Health.

Photo courtesy of Merck Animal Health.

Merck Animal Health has announced the US launch of Animo GPS, an activity and behavior monitor for dogs with GPS tracking capabilities. It can notify pet parents within 20 seconds if their dog leaves its designated "Safe Zone" and provides real-time tracking with location updates from every 5 seconds when in "Lost Dog Mode."

This product addresses the concern of pets going missing as the American Humane cites that 10 million pets get lost from their families each year.1 “Speaking from experience, it only takes a moment for a dog to slip out – and knowing within seconds that they've done so can make all the difference in ensuring a safe return home," stated Christine Royal, DVM, associate vice president of Companion Animal and Equine, Merck Animal Health, in a company release.2 "Speed and accuracy were critical product features as we developed Animo GPS, so owners can be alerted quickly when and if their dog escapes."

What’s more, Animo GPS uses smart technology to monitor dogs’ activity levels and behavior (ie, sleep quality, barking, scratching, and shaking) in an easy-to-use mobile app. It uses an adaptive algorithm to understand this data and can send an alert through the app if there are any notable changes in the behaviors. This helps indicate possible health problems and could offer topics for pet owners to discuss with a veterinary professional.2

Animo GPS has a battery life of up to 12 weeks, plus it is water-resistant, lightweight, and securely fastens to a dog’s collar.


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