Mella Pet Care underarm pet thermometer now available in Australia


World-first technology now available in Australia

The Petspiration Group and Mella Pet Care partnered to launch the Mella Home Smart Pet Thermometer for PETstock, available exclusively online and select PETstock stores in Australia. This thermometer is the first of its kind, with technology that accurately measures pet body temperatures by placing under the hindleg or foreleg of the animal.

Mella Home Smart Pet Thermometer. (Photo courtesy of PETstock)

Mella Home Smart Pet Thermometer. (Photo courtesy of PETstock)

“We know there is a real need for non-invasive, at-home care tools for pets, and at The Petspiration Group our priorities, finding innovations that make the lives of pets and pet parents easier. The Group is proud to partner exclusively with Mella Pet Care to bring pet parents of Australia best in class technology that actually makes a difference to the future of home pet care. With the introduction of Mella Home to PETstock, we are a step closer to understanding how our pets are feeling – something I know, as a dedicated pet parent, I’m always thinking about,” said The Petspiration Group CEO, Shane Young, in a company release.1

The Mella thermometer provides guidance to pet owners when irregular temperature results are calculated and can help indicate when professional veterinary attention is needed. The user-friendly technology also allows telehealth appointments to run more smoothly and effectively.

Mella Pet Care recommends checking a pet’s temperature in the following situations:1

  • If your pet is showing signs of illness, such as infection, vomiting, allergies, stomach issues, abdominal pain
  • If your pet seems low on energy or not like themselves
  • If your pet is limping or seams in pain
  • To check her heat exhaustion overheating
  • After an operation or vaccination
  • Before a clinic visit—in which stress can elevate temperature
  • Before and after your pet goes to daycare or gets boarded
(Photo courtesy of PETstock)

(Photo courtesy of PETstock)

The Mella thermometer displays the temperature recorded on the device’s screen as well as the Mella Home app, if connected. The mobile app can also help track any and all temperature data recorded and easily share results with a veterinarian.

Sasha Nefedova, BVSc MRCVS, general manager PETstock, said in the release, “The Mella Home Smart Pet Thermometer allows pet owners to measure their pet’s temperature, confidently and accurately at home, by placing the thermometer under the animal’s foreleg. Rectal thermometers can severely stress certain parts, so this is a game changer, giving pet parents peace of mind that they’re doing everything they can to provide the best possible care of their pets. Just like we have first aid kits on hand for ourselves, I’d encourage all parents to consider a first aid kit for their pets, particularly if you’re taking your pet traveling to new locations. Along with bandages, tape, and tweezers, the Mella Home Smart Pet Thermometer is an essential pet care item for first eight kids at home or on the go.”1


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