Meet Imeldo Laurel, LVT, VTS-Dentistry


In this interview with dvm360®, Imeldo Laurel, LVT, VTS-Dentistry, shares a glimpse into his life and why he believes Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month is important

As we continue into Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month, this video features Imedlo Laurel, LVT, VTS-Dentistry, as he shares about his first-generation parents and how he believes Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month is a time to honor all the hard work Hispanic/Latinx individuals do in veterinary medicine and beyond.

A partial transcript of the interview is below. View the video for more of the discussion.

Imeldo Laurel, LVT, VTS-Dentistry: [Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month] is about being proud of my heritage and then I am celebrating all Hispanics and the unique differences that make the Latinx identity.

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