Medical Cannabis in Small Animal Medicine: Safe and Effective Therapeutic Strategies Course

May 29, 2018

Date: June 13 - June 13, 2018


Course offered by: Humane Society Veterinary Medical AssociationPresenter(s): Dr Gary RichterDescription of course content:A growing number of veterinarians believe cannabidiol products can be effective in treating an array of ailments in dogs and cats, from anxiety to anorexia. With pet owners already using the drug as medicine, veterinarians need to join the conversation.Join our presenter, Dr. Gary Richter, as he discusses the potential benefits and contraindications of medical cannabis therapy, how to choose the correct products and best formulations to achieve safe and effective outcomes.Attendees will receive A brief history of cannabis Discuss the endocannabinoid system Potentially treatable conditions and the relevant research studies An understanding of the current legal landscapeWho is this course for? Both veterinarians and team members Cost to take the course: Free Number of CE credits offered: 1

Event type: On Demand CE

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Sponsor: Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association

For More Information:Pam Runquist,Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association