Medical Acupuncture for Veterinary Technicians

July 31, 2018

Date: July 31 - July 31, 2018


The goals of this course are to educate veterinary technicians on the mechanisms of action, indications, technical aspects, and evidential support related to medical acupuncture.In accordance with the aforementioned goals, our objectives are as follows:Develop a scientific understanding of how acupuncture works neurophysiologically and from a connective tissue perspectiveCompare and contrast medical acupuncture to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) style acupunctureList the common indications for acupuncture in the veterinary settingDescribe the risks of medical acupuncture for the patient, client, and staffBecome acquainted with electroacupuncture units and how they operateBe able to respond to client inquiries about acupuncture with confidence and from an informed persepectiveLearn how to search the scientific medical databases for evidence concerning medical acupuncture and related techniquesThis course is all online and approximately 9 hours.

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