Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians Certification Program

July 31, 2018

Date: August 01 - October 20, 2018


Throughout this program, you will learn ways to provide your patients safe and effective treatments, whether you practice in a general, pain medicine and rehabilitation, specialty, or home-care setting.We educate you on the scientific support of medical acupuncture and related techniques can make you a more effective practitioner. Implementing scientific medical acupuncture and related techniques provide new avenues through which to address difficult and frustrating problems commonly seen in veterinary practice.The MAV curriculum provides you with the skills needed to thoroughly examine animals and offer relief from:Post-surgical pain and ileusDebilitating arthritisChronic back and neck painIntervertebral disk diseaseImmune dysfunctionMuscle tensionAnd much more!This is only a sampling of the illnesses and symptoms youll learn how to treat using medical acupuncture as a CuraCore certified veterinarian.We encourage students enrolling in MAV to register as soon as possible for the next Clinical Intensive. You must complete the 50-60 hours of online video instruction (depending on whether you are single or dual track), assessments for each module, and mastery of the canine or equine big points innervations and locations prior to joining us onsite.We offer the onsite Clinical Intensives twice a year, in April and October. These serve as the clinical expertise-building portions of the program after you have completed the online instruction.We hold our Clinical Intensives in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado. Also, as of 2019, we are going on the road to a major veterinary institution (details coming soon) to offer an additional Clinical Intensive.We invite representatives from other veterinary medical colleges to request an onsite Clinical Intensive based on sufficient student interest. Contact CuraCore to inquire about ways to enroll in our mobile Clinical Intensive opportunity.Clinical Intensives focus on small, exotic, and large animals. You can register for the small animal, large animal, or general track.October 2018, the single-track program spans four days while the dual-track is six. However, we now offer an opportunity for those in the Small Animal / Exotic track to enroll in our extended laboratory experience. This would lengthen your Clinical Intensive by two days, giving you a total of 6 days with us in Fort Collins, CO.

Event type: On line and on site

Event Address: Hilton Hotel425 W Prospect Rd, Fort Collins, COLORADO, United States

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