Meanwhile, in exam room 3 ...


No more excuses: Our experts examine your top three exam-room battles and offer tips to get you better resultsreally.

You're well aware that clients' perception of a pet's problem is going to influence the level of care that pet receives. So how do you bust client misperception? Let us count the ways ...

Are your clients failing to buy flea preventives to protect their pets? Guess what: You don't have to buy their excuses. Here's how to leap over clients' flea control barriers and get those pets on preventives (year-round!) already.


Confused clients, a cat that needs urgent dental care and extinguishing misperception in real time ... nope, it's not impossible! Our client communication experts tackle a tough dental case and prove that it's not what you say, it's how you say it.



Finally, reality bites. But you don't have to judge pet owners who get their dog training advice from TV trainers. Here's how you can guide clients and their pets toward better behavior using thoughtful tips from our behavior expert and a certified professional dog trainer.


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