McLoven the Stud Muffin is wackiest dog name of 2016

September 9, 2016

Nationwide's annual contest looks through its database of insured pets to find the most unique moniker.

The results of Nationwide's annual wackiest dog name contest are in and McLoven the Stud Muffin edged out Kanye Westie as the wackiest dog name of 2016, according to a company release. After the company selected its top 10 funniest names, they were put to a public vote and McLoven was crowned the winner. For a gallery of all 10 wacky dog names click through the pages below. Click here for a gallery of the 10 wackiest cat names.

1. McLoven the Stud Muffin

After bringing home her newly adopted English bulldog, Elizabeth Shikiar of Wilmington, North Carolina, sat down to watch a movie. As she watched she got an idea for the name of her new rescue puppy.  

"I was watching the movie 'Superbad' and I heard the name Mcloven," says Shikiar in her entry. "I was already thinking of something along the lines of 'Stud Muffin' because he was so cute and then it just all came together with McLoven the Stud Muffin."


2. Kanye Westie

When Ben Jarrett and Katie Goldstein of Atlanta, Georgia, brought home a male West Highland terrier, or "westie" as they're nicknamed, the duo toyed around with funny monikers for their puppy when Kanye West came up. The rapper happens to be one of Jarrett's favorite musicians and the name Kanye Westie was born.

"The name just kind of came to us," says Goldstein in their entry. "It definitely fits his personality. He absolutely loves attention and is obsessed with shoes, just like the real Kanye."


3. Angus Von Wigglebottom

When Sarah Jarmon and her husband, of Moscow, Tennessee, brought home their new miniature schnauzer puppy, his chocolate coat inspired his first name of Angus, but Jarmon thought it needed more.

"We liked Angus, but it felt incomplete," says Jarmon. "We wanted something that represented his personality so we took a few days to watch him and really get to know him. That's when we discovered his adorable butt wiggle."

As he settled into his new home, Angus' inability to control the velocity of his tail wags, which caused his butt to wiggle with excitement, gave Jarmon the inspiration to add Wigglebottom and she bridged the gap with Von to represent his German heritage.


4. SuperFunCoconutDog

Chad and Pam Nichol of Lone Jack, Missouri, decided to get a puppy for their 9-year-old daughter, but their son's excitement about having a family dog prompted the Nichols to bring home a second dog so he could have his own canine companion.

"My son said if he had a dog he would name him SuperFun because it would be super fun to have a dog," says Chad. "When we surprised him with his own puppy, the first thing he said was 'he looks like a coconut.' He said the puppy's name should be SuperFunCoconutDog and we just went with it."


5. Optimus Prime Rib

When Joe Galante of Bellevue, Washington, adopted an English bulldog that was in need of a new home, the 10-month-old bulldog already responded to his given name: Optimus Prime. Galante happens to be aTransformers fan, but he decided to enhance the name.

"When I went to pick him up, he was so beefy and looked like a huge hunk of meat with a dopey bulldog face," Galante says in his entry. "The name Prime Rib just kind of came to me so I put it all together and his full name became Optimus Prime Rib."


6. Maximus Waffles

On the way to pick up their family's German shepherd puppy, Tom Melninkaitis of Waterford, Connecticut, thought that they'd give the dog a masculine name like Maximus. His son had another idea, and proposed naming the pup Waffles after his favorite food. The family compromised and the name Maximus Waffles was born.

"We thought it was pretty funny and still a little bit masculine so we went with it," says Tom. "People generally think it's a cool name, and we think it's wonderful."


7. ChaChi Big Foot

When ChaChi Big Foot's new owner brought him home from a shelter, he was very skinny and malnourished, so skinny that his paws looked oversized compared to the rest of his body, which prompted the name Big Foot. After acclimating to his new surroundings his appetite surfaced and so did his personality. His owner noticed that when the small dog would get excited he'd stand up on his hind legs as if he was dancing the cha-ha. His owner decided to add his new dance routine to his name with a slight twist and ChaChi Big Foot was born.


8. Scrappin Scruffy Macdoogle of the Highland Macdoogles

Dave Pawlik of Santa Clarita, California, went to the local animal shelter to find a new dog to adopt. He noticed an older small mixed-breed dog sitting by itself quietly. Pawlik asked to meet the dog, and volunteers agreed, but warned him that the dog had shown some aggression toward men. "He just looked sad and I wanted to meet him," says Pawlik. "He had scruffy hair, some missing teeth and his tail looked like it had been injured at some point. They warned me that he was aggressive, but when I went in his kennel, we bonded instantly. He jumped on my lap and I knew I had found what I came for."

After going home with his new pet, Pawlik started to devise a name. The dog's rugged appearance led to the name Scrappy, assuming that he had been in a few scuffles, but his white ruffled fur made the name Scruffy a fit as well. While contemplating these options, Pawlik also thought of Scottish name puns because the dog seemed to be a West Highland terrier mix and came up with the name Macdoogle.

"I put all the names together," says Pawlik in his entry. "I've always liked unique names so I went with it and came up with Scrappin Scruffy Macdoogles of the Highland Mcdoogles. People are usually a little caught off guard when they hear his name, but everyone likes it."


9. Lieutenant Colonel Be Back Soon

Mark and Ashley Smith of Summerville, South Carolina, have always liked to choose unique names for their dogs, so when a black Labrador puppy joined the family the search for the perfect name began. The Smiths also like to incorporate aspects of their family life into names and with Mark being a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force, Ashley came up with the perfect idea.

"We liked 'Lieutenant Colonel' because it represented what Mark has accomplished and because we really liked the sound of 'Lieut' as a nickname," says Ashley. "We came up with 'Be Back Soon' because every time Mark has to leave for duty he always tells the kids 'I love you and I'll be back soon.' So we put it all together and came up with Lieutenant Colonel Be Back Soon."


10. Aggie Von Schwaggie

Erin Neff and Mark Ristich of San Francisco, California weren't interested in adopting a pet until they visited a local park and saw a group of happy dog owners. Ristich's mother called out of the blue with the opportunity to adopt an Italian Greyhound puppy and the dog joined their family. During the search for the perfect name, Neff and Ristich decided to give a nod to one of their favorite shows, "Democracy Now" with reporter Amy Goodman. They combined the journalist's initials and came up with Aggie, but the name acquired more elements while Erin was signing the pet up for insurance.

"Insuring Aggie seemed like a great idea so I called Nationwide and the first thing they asked for was my dog's full name," said Erin. "I told them Aggie, but instantly thought it needed more and added Von Schwaggie on the fly. She's a little duchess and I wanted a name that represented her. Von Schwaggie just fit."

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