Masters Course on Advanced Osteotomy Small Animal


Date: September 24 - September 27, 2015


Seminars in this course focus on various osteotomy techniques that are performed in small animal surgical practice. Topics that will be covered include corrective osteotomy of angular limb deformity, femoral osteotomy for patellar luxation correction, TPLO, and TPO. The latest information about techniques for performing these procedures and expected outcomes will be presented. Planning and other aspects of the decision making process will be emphasized. Participants will have an opportunity to perform most of these procedures in the laboratory sessions. Participant interaction with the faculty is an important part of this program. There is ample opportunity in both the laboratories and the seminars to have your questions answered by some of the leading veterinary orthopaedists in the world. After the course, the participants should be able to apply the techniques they have learned to challenging orthopedic cases in their practice.

Event type: CE

Event Address: Hyatt Regency La Jolla

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Sponsor: AOVET North America

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