Making your marketing work for your practice: Part 1 (Proceedings)


Do you wonder why sometimes you need to repeat the same message to staff or clients multiple times?

Do you wonder why sometimes you need to repeat the same message to staff or clients multiple times? They just don't seem to get it. So, how do you make your message "stick"- how can you help build the brand image of your practice? According to Chip and Dan Heath's book "Made to Stick", there are 6 key qualities that will ensure stickiness in the message you deliver:

1. Simplicity

2. Unexpectedness

3. Concreteness

4. Credibility

5. Emotional

6. Stories

Simplicity- Getting to the Core and Being Compact

What does your veterinary practice offer that is unique? Why should a client choose YOU? Your core message should be simple yet articulate- it should guide your decision making. It should be easily understood and easily proven. Example: Southwest- THE low-fare airline;

Unexpectedness- Capture attention and HOLD

Surprise gets our attention and Interest keeps it. We are creatures of habit so when delivering a message we need something that will break through the monotony. So surprise or change is one manner. Interest requires that the individual wants more information or better yet seeks it from you.

Concreteness- Understand and Remember

Vague statements with little detail don't inspire people to remember but, details in the form of a story provide both concreteness and the ability to remember. It applies what you are hoping one can understand. Talk about people and their pets in real terms NOT numbers. Make the message real.

Credibility-Believe Me

Who are the authority figures in your practice? Why should someone believe you- it's more then your credentials- it's backed with detail and statistics. Make it easy for people to believe in what you say- support your words through unexpected actions.

Emotional- Care

The power of one...ever heard that expression? Make it personal and build a relationship. Remember it's all about the pet that you are seeing at that moment.

Stories- Encourage Action

What is the response that you want people to take? Do you want them to buy a preventative? Do you want them to decrease the weight of their obese pet? Tell them stories of action or inspiration- tell the about the real events that occur in detail. Inspire them to action.


Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath

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