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The hospital was built to fit into the surrounding environment. A brick façade, with separate entrances for the hospital and spa aspects of the practice, welcome clients and pets. Parking and building entrances are at the rear of the site, adjacent to a city park.

When a doctor thinks about building a new facility, he’s likely more concerned with treatment tables than he is computers. And while treatment tables are a big part of practice life at Bartels Busack Pet Hospital Resort and Spa in Parma, Ohio, Dr. Ronald Busack credits his computer system with great client compliance. In fact, computer technology is so important to him, he spent $139,000 on them at start-up, and he employs a full-time technology support person.

Each of the practice’s nine exam rooms features a high-resolution monitor the team uses in a variety of ways. First, every time a client enters the exam room, the doctor or technician pulls up a record of the pet’s visits, reminders for care due and the last recommendations the doctors made to keep preventive care up to date. “We’ve been doing this for six years, and it’s second nature to us,” says Dr. Busack. “Seeing all the details on the monitor helps keep it fresh in clients’ minds.”

They also use the monitors to show educational software programs, digital radiographs, chart a pet’s weight gain or loss, and graph a pet’s blood pressure. “I love to use the video otoscope to view the ear canal or bring up a large view of cytology and histology slides to help educate clients,” says Dr. Busack. “A picture on the big screen is a big motivator for compliance. Showing clients scabies, mites and other parasites on their pets make people uncomfortable. Even a flea! I put it on the scope and show them what is biting their pet, and it makes them get on board to get rid of these blood suckers.”

Dr. Busack and his team have even been known to compare pharmacy prices, look up kennel prices, research a medical problem or help clients find a specialty practice using online mapping. Dr. Busack hired his son, Matt, to handle all of the computer systems. “The time he saves me allows me to focus more on clinic care and the relationship with the client—the thing we’re really building,” Dr. Busack says.

Darrin Hunter, Dish Design

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The waiting area has an abundance of natural light for both staff and clients to enjoy. A pet adoption center can be seen near the seating area.

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Exam room

Each of the nine exam rooms feature high-resolution monitors for client education purposes. Staff members complete check-out and scheduling of follow-up appointments in the exam rooms so clients don’t need to stop at reception at the end of the appointment.

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This four-table treatment room (right) includes two wet tables and a two-table dental suite.

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Hospitality/ultrasound room


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Luxury boarding

At the Resort & Spa, dogs can stay in themed suites, such as the Disney World or Las Vegas suite. The area also features calming blues and greens, a water fall feature, and plenty of greenery to give the area a peaceful feel.

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Outdoor areas

To accommodate pet guests, the hospital included two enclosed artificial turf lawns and one enclosed natural grass yard.

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Bartels Busack Pet Hospital Resort and Spa

6270 State Road

Parma, OH

Owner: Ronald J. Busack, DVM

Associates:2 full-time

Hospital team: 25 full-time

Practice style: 100 percent small animal

Building size: 13,300 square feet

Construction: $1.7 million (building only.)

Site improvement: $225,336

Professional fees: $279,300

Equipment: $227,781

Furnishings: $31,800

Computers: $139,000

Year built: 2009

Primary architect:

David Maison

Wolf Maison

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