The magical jukebox of veterinary dental products


So many selections to choose from. Here's just a sample of how you can make your dental services sing.

(Getty Images)I love rock ‘n' roll!

Move from handpiece to handpiece-and from dental station to dental station-with ease with the VetPro 1000 mobile dental delivery system. Just roll the unit where you want, pick up the handpiece (which automatically activates), and you're ready to rock. Plus, the compressor is oil-free, so one less thing in your life necessitating an oil change.












Shiny happy people

Your dental team will be all grins with The Son-Mate II Scaler/Polisher. Perform perfect curettage, deep scaling of calculus and stain removal and then change easily at the touch of a switch to a final polishing. Shiny indeed!

You say you want a revolution

Don't you know it's gonna be alright-at least your patient's pearly whites will be. The Revolution 4DC is a veterinary dental radiography system with a full-swivel ball-joint that lets you aim the beam exactly where you want. Also featured, a wireless digital control that automatically defines the right exposure by selecting the region of interest.

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