MAF provides funding for 65 student studies


Denver -- Sixty-five veterinary students will be able to participate in research projects in 2009, thanks to grants from the Morris Animal Foundation.


-- Sixty-five veterinary students will be able to participate in research projects in 2009, thanks to grants from the Morris Animal Foundation (MAF).

MAF's Veterinary Student Scholars program provides students with an opportunity to become involved in veterinary research that enhances the health and welfare of companion animals and wildlife, according to the foundation.

Grant recipients will receive a stipend to participate in a short-term clinical or basic veterinary research project.

Recipients of the small-animal and large-animal grants will present their research findings at MAF's annual meeting in Colorado on June 2010. Wildlife grant recipients will present their findings at the MAF wildlife advisory board meeting in February 2010. Students with the top three companion animal and top three wildlife presentations will receive cash rewards.

The 2009 award recipients are:

Auburn University: Meghan Kilgore, Christina Osborne, Taylor Towns, Marike Visser

Colorado State University: Chelsea Sonius, Chiahsin Sandy Young

Cornell University: Derek Calhoon, Ayeley Okine, Beulah Sherwood

Iowa State University: Mark Madsen

Kansas State University: Jennifer Darby, Michelle Hubin, Julia Paul

Michigan State University: Chelsea Anderson, Katherine Cummings, Christy Hencken, Dana Tedesco

Mississippi State University: Ryan Centini, Claire Fellman

North Carolina State University: Jenessa Gjeltema, Christina Howard, Chelsey Miller

Ohio State University: Sumeet Gupta, Melinda Himler, Christine Reggiardo

Oklahoma State University: Jeff Skaggs, Lindsey Starkey, Heather Wallace

Oregon State University: Courtney Smith

Purdue University: Lindsey Hedges, Peter Noel Tufts University: Mehnaz Aziz

Tuskegee University: Yolanda Markley

University of California-Davis: Yvonne Kline, Christina Terry

University of Florida: Johnattan Arango

University of Georgia: Cynthia Page, Andrew Quesada

University of Illinois: Kourtney Cone, Ashley Mitek, Zachary Neumann

University of Minnesota: Dionne Benson

University of Missouri: Rachael Cohen

University of Pennsylvania: Sana Ahmed, Lizette Durand, Angela Fusello, Alexandra O'Keefe

University of Tennessee: Laura Eberlein, Anna Keo

University of Wisconsin: Stephanie Salyer

Virginia Tech Maryland Regional: Jennifer Eberly, Kristen Flaggs

Western University of Health Sciences: Nicole Giguere, Gordon Hui, Gina Johnson, Anna Mills

Massey University (New Zealand): Janis Hooge

Murdoch University (Australia): Alex Tinson

National University of La Plata (Argentina): Jorge Diaz

Ross University (St. Kitts): Kirsten Thomas

Universidad de La Salle (Colombia): Viviana Gonzalez

Universidad Nacional Autonoma (Mexico): Claudia Guerrero

University of Prince Edward Island (Canada): Chelsie Estey

University of Calgary (Canada): Tracy Smith

Utrecht University (Netherlands): Sanne Hugen

Descriptions of the student projects can be found here by clicking on the "vet scholars" category.

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