Low Stress Handling in Dogs

March 20, 2017

Date: June 26 - July 17, 2017


We probably all see stressed dogs on practice - from those that are a little nervous, to the terrified dog that becomes defensive, aggressive, and dangerous or even impossible to handle. What can we do to make dogs' visits a safer, more positive situation for everyone?This interactive, tutored course will look at some basic background dog behaviour, give you tools for reading the signs of stress, and help you to learn ideas and solutions for making canine visits easier and more harmonious for everyone! We'll also look at how to educate owners in making their dog's visit less stressful.As part of the course you'll even create a protocol and leafet (with feedback from your tutor) to take back to practice and share your learning.3 week (8 hours' CPD) online course.Our courses all run as group courses, with a tutor for support and guidance throughout.

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