Low Stress Handling in Cats


Date: March 07 - March 21, 2016


COURSE SUMMARYYou have a senior cat in for bloods. She's been very quiet at the back of her cage, which you thought was due to the very vocal dog in the kennels. When you go to get her out for sampling, she shrinks back into the corner of her cage and hisses. Where now?!We all know how distressed cats can become in practice and when being handled for procedures such as blood sampling, and that they can be good at hiding it too (or we don't read the signs), until it's too late!This interactive course will focus on the use of feline-friendly handling techniques and will discuss strategies that can be tailored to the individual cat and situation, plus general changes to the environment to help most feline patients adapt better in the clinic.We will also explore the advice to be given to prepare cats and owners in advance of visits; as well as how to reintegrate cats into the home following a hospital stay.LEARNING OUTCOMESBy the end of this module, successful candidates will be able to: Understand the reasoning behind the importance of low stress handling of cats Know and apply principles of low stress cat handling, pre-emptive measures and trouble shooting within the practice Be able to advise clients on helpful techniques to reduce cat stress before, during and after travel to the practiceSee how our courses work hereTUTORLinda Ryan (Roberts) DipAVN (Medical) VTS (Oncology) RVN Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner | Course tutor View Tutor Profile

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