Looking for Lead-Generating Content? Try Case Studies

November 16, 2018
Naren Arulrajah

Maintaining your practice website is vital to attracting new clients and keeping existing clients engaged. Here’s how case studies can help.

Generating leads from your practice website is important to growing your practice, and what you post matters. In addition to purely informational content, practices should also provide content that generates curiosity, imparts high-authority information, presents genuine data and—before the reader leaves your site—is likely to convert that person into a potential client.

Case studies are a particular type of content known to impress readers, often creating residual social media buzz and recall value. When primed with high-quality information, case studies are very capable of capturing leads for your veterinary practice.


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The Appeal of Case Studies

Once considered boring and overridden with unnecessary information, case studies are making a comeback. Enriched with elements that boost readability and present multiple facets of a topic, case studies offer many avenues to create web traffic and generate sales queries. For veterinary practices, case studies can make your practice appear more credible than the competition.

Case Study Content and Promotion

Gone are the days of text-rich documents; case studies should be visual. From videos to memes to infographics, a case study should have lots of elements that encourage easy social shares.

Because case studies are different than typical blog posts, you will want to consider the manner in which they are promoted. Before publishing the study, create blog posts that tease the topic and what readers can anticipate learning. Use the media channels linked to your practice, including YouTube videos, podcasts, and social media pages, to announce when the case study will be released.

Gating the Content

A tactic used by some website owners is to offer the case study as a free download in exchange for signing up for weekly or monthly emails. This option, called “gating,” ensures you are gathering leads in the form of email addresses, but it may decrease the number of overall page views the case study will receive, as some visitors are likely to pass on providing additional information.

Each case study invariably has an aura of being handled by an industry or subject matter expert. This infuses confidence among readers. For effective content marketing, you need a case study that has a high number of downloads, or if accessible on the web page, it should be widely read. And more social sharing means the content made an impact.

If there is increasing anticipation from your website’s visitors for your next case study to be released, you are on the right path. Just ensure that the authenticity of each new study is sustained with real-life facts and industry figures.

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