The dvm360 toolkit: Otitis


Use these expert tips and tools to hone your otitis diagnosis and treatment skills, and make it as easy as possible to educate pet owners about this painful and annoying condition. (With an educational grant provided by Bayer)

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Pop quiz! What are the two most common reason why dogs visit veterinary clinics?

Answer: itching and otitis. And they usually go hand in hand, according to Fetch dvm360 speaker Ashley Bourgeois, DVM, DACVD.

Canine otitis can be a real conundrum: Should you perform a cytology every time you see your otitis patients? How often should the ears be cleaned? What’s the best ear wash? Partnering with clients is a huge piece of the puzzle, so what’s the best way to educate them about otitis prevention strategies?

With help from Dr. Bourgeois and a host of other veterinary experts, this handy toolkit will answer your frequently asked questions, detail the most important diagnostic and treatment best practices, and guide you in communicating with your clients during an otitis visit.

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Managing otitis in the clinic

Clinical updates

Client handouts

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