Letter to Vetted: Wellness plans work for me

October 19, 2019
Mitch Clemmer, DVM

This letter writer agreed with the Certified Veterinary Practice Manager: Get the whole team on board, give wellness plans time to work, and you can see success.

I wanted to offer some thoughts on Katie Adams' wellness plan comments in the September issue of Vetted.

Having owned two Banfield hospitals in the past and now owner of a freestanding independent hospital, I wholeheartedly agree that wellness plans can be a huge benefit for the client base as well as the hospital. I've created my own plans now to offer more services than Banfield did and reduced the price a little. Our software (eVetPractice) easily handles the plans and the monthly charging of clients' credit cards. We do eight to 12 dentals a week that would probably not be done if the pet parent had to pay full price up front.

As owners, we often can't see beyond the next week or month and the bills we anticipate coming due. After two years in my new practice, we have 800 active plans with an average monthly charge of $35. Granted, when we do the neuter or the dental procedure and get paid nothing on that day, we need to remember that the income is spread out over the next 12 months. On the flip side, these plans allow us to do yearly dentals, bloodwork twice a year, vaccines, and heartworm and intestinal worm tests-all of which will lead to a longer and healthier life for the pet and a much happier pet parent!

If you're considering adding wellness plans, do your research and get the entire team on board. Unless you and the staff are completely sold on the benefits of wellness plans for everyone, you will not succeed!

Mitch Clemmer, DVM

Flowood, Mississippi