Letter to dvm360: Strong political opinions hurt and devalue the team

February 22, 2017

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, sure, but balance in communication can be achieved.

In response to the article "The veterinarian stuck on a soapbox" (December 2016), I am a licensed veterinary technician (LVT) in a small clinic that consists of two veterinarians, two LVTs and two receptionists. The two doctors are strongly in favor of one political party and make their views heard throughout the hospital. Remarks are made almost daily against the "other side." The two LVTs voted against the party the doctors favor and are subjected to hearing derogatory comments. We keep silent but both have talked about how uncomfortable it makes us feel. We feel stifled and do not feel we can voice our values and opinions without feeling devalued. As a result, we keep silent.

Anonymous LVT