Letter to dvm360: Let's talk (some more) about cannabis


To best serve veterinary patients and clients, veterinarians should be able to discuss this alternative therapeutic option.

Daniel Berkmann/stock.adobe.com

In Dr. Marc Rosenberg's recent column I was pleased to see Dr. Knox passionately and effectively defend his stance on cannabis for his veterinary patients. I was also very glad to see Dr. Rosenberg's progressive stance on the issue. As veterinarians in 2019, we need to support the need for change regarding the regulatory and legislative restraints surrounding cannabis use for veterinary (and all) patients. In order to best serve our patients, clients and the community as a whole, veterinarians need to be able to discuss and provide guidance regarding all available therapeutic options.

Elizabeth Mironchik-Frankenberg, DVM

Founder, Veterinary Cannabis Consultants

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