Letter to dvm360: Image used to accompany article lacks cultural sensitivity

December 5, 2016

Editorial staff should have recognized the connotations of the image selected.

Reading the "Cats with chronic DJD pain, rejoice!" article in the November issue of dvm360, I was taken aback by the illustration of the cat. The notion of blackface on a feline is not funny or cute. Then to also dress such feline in a minstrel costume really is unacceptable. I do not know if the illustrator thought this was funny or needs some culture sensitivity training. The editors of the magazine should have caught this before it ever went to print. Our profession is multiculturally diverse and with the climate of our country being how it is, we all need to be more careful with how we show our view of others.

Patrina Beard, DVM

Marietta, Georgia

Editor's note: Dr. Patrina Beard is absolutely correct. The editors, writers and proofreaders who worked on this piece did not pick up on the cultural references inherent in the illustration (which has now been removed from the online version of the article). We apologize for any offense caused by the publication of this image.