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Let’s paws and post—helping you create your social media calendar in 2024!

dvm360dvm360 January 2024
Volume 55
Issue 1
Pages: 10

A note on practice marketing from our chief veterinary officer, Adam Christman, DVM, MBA

jyliagorbacheva / stock.adobe.com

jyliagorbacheva / stock.adobe.com

Happy New Year, colleagues! Wishing you and your team a healthy and happy 2024! With 12 months ahead of us, I’m hoping we understand the significance of content strategy for our hospitals. In the digital age, establishing an active and strategic presence on social media has become a key way for veterinary hospitals to connect with pet owners, foster engagement, and showcase expertise. Let’s face it—Instagram was created for our pets (and food)!

The following are examples of posts that can be used in February:

National Pet Dental Health Month
Feb 1st: Pets’ pearly whites (or not so much)! Show us your pets being happy and whether they can smile to kick off National Pet Dental Health Month!

Feb 9th: Video on how to brush your cat’s teeth (turn into a blog for the

Feb 15th: LIVE Q&A, Tooth Be Told: Your veterinary team answers your dental questions!

Feb 2nd: Groundhog Day. 4 fun facts you didn’t know about groundhogs.

Feb 3rd: National Golden Retriever Day. Cutest golden retriever and golden mix photo contest!

Feb 14th: Pet Theft Awareness Day. Education post on the importance of microchipping, collars, GPS tracking, etc.

Feb 22nd: Walking the Dog Day. Education post on the benefits of pet parents and dogs walking together.

One invaluable tool in this realm is the social media content calendar, a blueprint that outlines and organizes content strategies, particularly leveraging pet-friendly days. Let’s delve into why these calendars are essential for veterinary hospitals.

Strategic planning and consistency

A content calendar serves as a road map, enabling veterinary hospitals to plan their social media content systematically. It provides a bird’s-eye
view of each month, allowing for strategic planning around important pet-related events, health awareness days, or holidays. This structure
ensures consistent and timely communication with your audience.

I recommend having your strategy for the following month done by the 15th of the previous month. This can change, but the concept gives you a solid foundation to your social media arm.

Capitalizing on key pet-friendly days

This is an aspect of social media that truly resonates with your clients and community. February is brimming with pet-friendly occasions that present prime opportunities for engagement. Highlighting events like National Pet Dental Health Month, Love Your Pet Day, and Responsible Pet Owners Month allows veterinary hospitals to craft tailored content that resonates with pet owners. From sharing dental care tips to encouraging pet owners to show their love for their furry companions, these days offer diverse content possibilities.

Enhanced engagement and community building

By aligning content with specific days or events, your veterinary hospital can spark conversations, share valuable information, and foster a sense of community among pet owners. Engaging posts, whether they’re informative, heartwarming, or interactive, prompt followers to interact, share, and participate, thus expanding the hospital’s reach.

Consolidating marketing efforts

A content calendar streamlines marketing efforts by allowing hospitals to coordinate various types of content across different platforms. Whether it’s educational blog posts, engaging videos, client testimonials, or promotional offers, a calendar ensures a cohesive narrative and prevents redundant or scattered messaging. I invite you all to collaborate with other creators, pet parents in your community, and local rescue groups. You’ll be surprised by the number of ideas you come up with and the very high levels of engagement your content will provide.

Efficiency and time management

When I speak about this topic at conferences around the country, this is the No. 1 answer I always hear: “I don’t have the time to do this!” With a predefined schedule in place, your veterinary team (or an individual) can plan, create, and schedule content in advance. This proactive approach saves time, reduces last-minute rushes, and allows for better content quality. It also offers flexibility to tweak or adjust content based on real-time engagement metrics or unforeseen events.

Measurable results and adaptability

By tracking the performance of scheduled content, your hospital can measure the effectiveness of its social media efforts. Analyzing metrics like engagement rates, reach, and conversions provides valuable insights to refine future content strategies and adapt to what resonates best with the audience. Converting a follower to a client is a very big deal. Be sure to thank them with perhaps a gift certificate to your practice.

Social media content calendars are indispensable tools for veterinary hospitals aiming to establish a robust digital presence. Particularly in leveraging pet-friendly days like those in February, these calendars enable hospitals to craft meaningful and timely content that engages, educates, and connects with pet owners on a deeper level. Embrace the power of planning and strategy through a content calendar to elevate your hospital’s social media presence and impact.

Remember, consistency, relevance, and authenticity are key to fostering lasting relationships with your audience in the digital landscape. Now go forth and soar in 2024!

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