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Learning module for neurodiversity inclusion in the workplace


Journey For Teams by the American Veterinary Medical Association adds a new module to its diversity learning program

annne / stock.adobe.com

annne / stock.adobe.com

Journey For Teams is an online video learning program managed by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) to offer veterinary professionals courses on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Each training video is 15-minutes long and includes a discussion guide to allow veterinary teams a deliberation with each other at the end and share thoughts and feelings.1 The Journey For Teams program also offers resources for how to facilitate a meeting that is intended to discuss a DEI video with best approaches and advice on keeping all participates included in the discussion.

The Journey For Teams video program can also be eligible for continuing education credits using the AVMA Axon account. Materials are free to access for AVMA members but is also available to non-members for a small fee.

The new module added to AVMA’s course is focused on neurodiversity and different brain functions. According to an AVMA news release, the course highlights the benefits and strengths these brain variations can have on our profession and overall community. As stated by the AVMA, “Neurodiversity: Foster an Extraordinary Workplace encourages us to ‘lead with curiosity’ when we meet people who are different from us, rather than view differences as disabilities. It also breaks down some common misconceptions about specific types of neurodivergence.”2

The neurodiversity video, presented by Jen Brandt, PhD, explains how individuals diagnosed with dyslexia often exhibit exceptional visual and spatial skills, which can be a valuable asset in fields such as surgery. Likewise, people with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) possess strengths in creativity and innovative problem-solving. The AVMA aims to demonstrate how these cognitive functions can offer a new perspective into the veterinary field and allow for a thriving, diversified team.

Additionally, the module provides suggestions on how to revise intake forms, tailor job descriptions, and adjust lighting, sounds, and equipment settings for a more sensory-friendly environment.2

The other DEI videos featured in the Journey For Teams program alongside “Neurodiversity: Foster an Extraordinary Workplace” includes the following:1

  • The Power of Diversity
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Psychological Safety
  • Microaggressions
  • Brave Places
  • The Art of Retention
  • The Art of Recruitment
  • Client Communications Through a DEI Lens
  • Religious Diversity
  • Pathway Development in Veterinary Medicine
  • Accessibility in the Workplace
  • Cultural Responsiveness in Veterinary Medicine
  • Embracing Gender Diversity: Exploring Gender Identity
  • Allyship
  • Understanding Generational Diversity

Each video offers a chance for viewers to reflect and respect different viewpoints and experiences to allow members of the team to exercise considerate conversations with each other, clients, and the entire community.


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