Keep the Compassion and Kick the Fatigue


Date: September 16 - September 16, 2015


Presenter(s): Elizabeth B. Strand, PhD, LCSWDescription of course content:Veterinary professionals experience death at a rate five times higher than our human physician colleagues. The bond between our patients and their humans can run the gamut from pathological attachment to disposable companions, and anywhere in between. Our workdays are hectic and the pressure from other aspects of our lives can pile on. Often, there is an emotional toll. Please join Dr. Elizabeth Strand, a pioneer in the field of veterinary compassion fatigue, as she guides us toward understanding how we can Keep the Compassion and Kick the Fatigue.During this webinar, Dr. Strand will help attendees understand:-the triggers for compassion fatigue in animal related environments -research on the effects of compassion fatigue in animal related professions -ACEs (Adverse Childhood Events), and how they impact compassion fatigue -The Healthy Mind Platter: A concept that looks at essential mental activities as essential nutrients necessary for optimum mental health in daily life.

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Sponsor: Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association

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