Kanguro Insurance launches in Florida


Pet health insurance company provides an end-to-end bilingual and digital experience with affordable plans

KDdesignphoto / stock.adobe.com

KDdesignphoto / stock.adobe.com

Kanguro Insurance, a pet health insurance company for dogs and cats, has announced its arrival in Florida, following its debut in 17 other states. The 100% digital company distinguishes itself with its coverage offerings and experience for pet parents that is completely bilingual (Spanish and English) in one of the states with the largest Spanish-speaking populations.

"Working in insurance all of my professional life has opened my eyes to the immense opportunity to improve the consumer experience within the financial services industry. The concept of having a product that can be easily used in people's everyday lives - especially when done with technology and backed by a team of real people is incredibly valuable,” said Andres Mishaan, co-founder, in a company release.1 “We created a pleasant experience that does not take time out of customers day and that is very similar to other e-commerce or online banking experiences which people are already accustomed to. It's the new and improved way to purchase and use everyday insurance which is not just there for emergencies."

"In my household, my 2 dogs are members of the family. Owning a furry one involves an emotional commitment and financial responsibility - Kanguro helps protect people's pocketbook and be better pet parents,” added Nicholas Hanabergh co-founder. “There are 160 million pets in the United States and only 4% have a health insurance policy - something that is changing rapidly driven by high-cost of veterinarians. Kanguro is an insurance and technology company but with a human touch. We are excited to be able to protect Florida's pets.”1

With veterinary expenses being high and unexpected, Kanguro Insurance provides customers a platform in which it is easy to understand, buy, and use the pet health policy to lessen the stress and simplify the process.

The Florida expansion promotes further access to affordable pet care. The 100% digital world of Kanguro is always available via the super APP but is also supported by a team of real people helping customers. Floridians can access ultra-customized plans from as low as $20 per month with which they can visit any certified veterinarian in the US and receive reimbursements of up to 90% of the veterinary bill in days. Kanguro processes claims 24/7, among the fastest in the market to handle reimbursements.1


The arrival of insurtech Kanguro Insurance to the state of Florida is reinventing the world of pet insurance, offering an end-to-end bilingual (Spanish/English) and 100% digital experience with the best coverage for cats and dogs and the best experience for parents. News release. Kanguro Insurance LLC. February 16, 2023. Accessed February 16, 2023. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/the-arrival-of-insurtech-kanguro-insurance-to-the-state-of-florida-is-reinventing-the-world-of-pet-insurance-offering-an-end-to-end-bilingual-spanishenglish-and-100-digital-experience-with-the-best-coverage-for-cats-and-dogs--301748395.html

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