An Introduction to Physiotherapy for the Geriatric Patient

July 5, 2018

Date: September 17 - October 08, 2018


Many of the geriatric patients that we see on a day-to-day basis are suffering from osteo-arthritis and mobility issues. There is so much that can be achieved in making these patients more comfortable and mobile by use of basic physiotherapy techniques and with consideration and minor adaptations to the home environment.During this 3 week online, tutor-supported course we will look at some key areas in approaching, helping and continuing to support these patients.Your learning from the course will enable you to create a patient plan for a patient of your choice, that you can use to develop plans for future cases.It will also empower you to set up basic physiotherapy clinics that will act as a perfect adjunct to senior clinics, and will help owners to help their pets as you will also be able to teach them how to utilise some of the most basic methods.

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