An Introduction to Advanced Surgical Dental Extraction Techniques (incl. MITR, MTE & Segmentation) A 2-Day Practical Boutique Course (max. 18 vets)


Date: September 06 - September 07, 2019


This 2-day highly practical boutique course (max. 18 attendees) was devised for advanced practitioners with surgical experience and surgeons with a good working knowledge/experience in equine dentistry, specifically with dental extractions. The panel of internationally renowned specialists will provide an overview on up-to-date, minimally-invasive surgical dental extraction techniques in horses, including minimally-invasive trephination & repulsion (MITR), minimally-invasive transbuccal extraction (MTE) and dental segmentation. They will furthermore be sharing technical tips and tricks and pearls of wisdom that they have accumulated over the many years of performing equine dental surgery. Between both days the 9 hours of practical sessions will provide an intimate environment for attendees to develop their surgical skills on equine specimens in true small groups (2-3 vets per specimen; attendee-to-instructor ratio of 4-6/1) at the following stations: Surgical Anatomy of the Head & Nerve Blocks Minimally Invasive Trephination & Repulsion (MITR) Minimally Invasive Transbuccal Extraction (MTE) Paranasal Sinuses Surgical Techniques Dental Segmentation Techniques Diagnostic Imaging Case-Discussions

Event type: Course

Event Address: Chino Valley Equine Hospital

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For More Information:Robin Johnson,VetPD

Lake Mary ,FL ,USA


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