Introducing the new Fetch dvm360 conference app


Whether youre looking for opportunities to network, details about sessions youre interested in or the location of that dermatology speaker, the Fetch dvm360 conference app has got you covered.

Fetch dvm360 conference is bringing a new experience to the world of veterinary conferences. One of those new experiences? Providing an app that makes it easier to get around, stay up-to-date on the latest changes and find the resources you need to use once you return to practice.

The new app makes finding your way around (and finding the fun stuff) that much easier. No more digging the program out of the bottom of your bag to determine where you're going next. (Although you can still do that if you really want to!)

Here's are the key features you'll be able to use:

Activity Stream

Interact with other conference attendees. Post your observations, send each other messages and find like-minded people to connect with and swap ideas. Find something interesting in the exhibit hall? Post a picture and let everyone know! Looking for insight on a particular speaker or session? Crowdsource it.


You wanted to get to that one dermatology session. But you can't remember the day, the time or the room number. Use the app to keep the entire show schedule at your fingertips. Favorite the sessions you are interested in and keep track of what you want to do. PLUS, sessions will have resources and handouts attached and available for download. That means you won't have to hold onto a piece of paper or remember to go to a webpage you scribbled down a week ago.


See if the speakers you liked so much at the last show are going to be at this one and what they're talking about. Look up their bios if you need a reminder about credentials.


The exhibit hall can be a little overwhelming-there's just so much going on. With the app, check out the list of exhibitors and where they're located. Pinpoint those people and companies you know you have to talk to about the latest advances in their equipment. Don't have time to hit up everyone? Favorite exhibitors to keep a list of who you want to go back and visit.


You need to know how to get around. That's why we have maps of the exhibit hall, the conference itself and some of the city you're in. This way you can find that vendor you wanted to talk to, that session that's a little tricky to get to or a restaurant near the convention center.


We'd love to hear what you think! Take the attendee survey and give us your thoughts. That way we can make sure both the app and Fetch dvm360 experience are working for you.

Personalize your experience. Stay informed about what's going on around you. Take it all home without worrying about how you'll get it onto the plane. The Fetch dvm360 conference app has what you need to get the most out of your conference experience.

Available on Android and iOS! Download now:


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