Interventional Advanced Surgical Endoscopy


Date: December 12 - December 13, 2015


This course should be taken after basic skills of endoscopy have been mastered. This endoscopic course will cover more advanced diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic treatments of the abdomen and thorax. The first day of the course will be didactic with laboratory sessions involving inanimate models to demonstrate skills tests used by physicians in training as well as practicing intra- and extra-corporeal knot tying techniques. The second day is spent entirely in the laboratory learning and performing techniques on anesthetized dogs. The participants will work together in groups with other participants having similar goals for the course. Techniques covered may include gastropexy, ovariohysterectomy, ovariectomy, cholecystectomy, partial pancreatectomy, nephrectomy, sublumbar lymph node resection, cystoscopic stone retrieval, jejunostomy tube placement, adrenalectomy, cysterna chyli ablation, pericardectomy, pulmonary biopsy, lung lobectomy, and thoracic duct ligation.This course will provide 15 Hours of CE credit over two days.

Event type: CE Conference

Event Address: College of Veterinary Medicine501 DW Brooks Drive, Athens, Georgia, United States

For More Information:Melissa Kilpatrick


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