Internal Medicine: Gastrointestinal and Urinary Tract Diseases in Dogs

August 27, 2019

Date: October 07 - October 11, 2019


Principal Course Master:Prof. Dr. Katrin Hartmann DECVIM-CA (DE)Course Masters:Priv. Doz. Dr. Stefan Unterer, DECVIM-CA (DE)Dr. Roswitha Dorsch, DECVIM-CA (DE)Course OverviewThis course includes case-oriented and interactive classroom teaching (morning sessions: 09:00 13:00) and case discussions (afternoon sessions: 14:00 17:00). On four afternoons, case discussions will be organised in small groups, and participants will work in three different classrooms. The groups will rotate and will work on their own cases with the teachers. Participants are given well documented canine gastroenterology or urinary tract disease cases (history, laboratory data, images, videos, radiographs etc.) to solve, including endoscopy videos or diagnostic test results to interpret. The teachers are available to support and supervise the groups. At the end of the session, the class convenes, and the groups present their findings with the discussion led by the teachers. The participants will learn to use the problem-oriented approach to solve the cases. The case discussions will cover interesting internal medicine case and will include discussions on clinical work-up and treatment options. On Friday afternoon, there will be a rounds-up session and time for open questions with all course masters. The course will end with a quiz (Jeopardy).Interactive lectures: Small and large intestinal diseases Intestinal virus infections Urolithiasis Urinary tract infections Acute and chronic kidney disease Glomerulopathies Urinary incontinence

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