Intensive Abdominal Ultrasound Sponsored by Western Veterinary Conference


Date: October 16 - October 18, 2014


Intensive Abdominal Ultrasound The intensive ultrasound course is designed for practitioners comfortable with routine ultrasound examinations and are currently performing 1 to 2 ultrasounds per week. Participants will be provided reading material that should be reviewed prior to the course to ensure maximal time for instruction. The student to instructor ratio will be 4:1 with 4 hours per day spent in hands-on laboratory and 4 hours per day focusing on advanced topic of disease presentation, case based examples, Doppler imaging and specific time spent on difficult lesions such as pancreatic and intestinal diseases. The course will be based on 2 hours of lecture in the morning followed by 2 hours of laboratory, lunch, 2 hours of lecture and 2 hours of laboratory. All laboratories will use live dogs and cats that have been sedated with protocols approved by an Animal Care and Use committee. The purpose of this 4-day laboratory series is to provide in-depth knowledge and adequate time to expand the sonographers skill set. The goal of this course is not to provide you the ability to make comprehensive diagnoses of disease, but rather to expand your knowledge of disease appearances while insuring that you are conducting a complete and thorough examination that can be interpreted by either yourself or board-certified specialists.

Event type: Hands On Lab

Event Address: The Oquendo Center

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Sponsor: Western Veterinary Conference

For More Information:Shane Wheatley,Western Veterinary Conference


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