Integrating Kennels and Floors

February 16, 2018

Date: February 16 - February 16, 2018


Integrating Kennels and Floors (On Demand: 50 minutes)Flooring is a common and unfortunately big complaint in new or refurbished animal facilities. Too often the floors are done poorly or incorrectly. The results from improper specification and/or poor installation can cause a host of problems: cross contamination between runs, kennels that don't fit together, cracked floors, poor drainage, and moisture and vapor transmission related finishes that bubble and delaminate.This program will discuss the most common floors in kennels and their respective costs, pros and cons and how to avoid problems. Time will also be spent on kennel floor seals and design, drain options and how to reduce cross contamination.Course learning objectives include:Identify the most common types of floors used in animal facilities and how they can influence cleaning protocol and kennel design.Learn how a facility's kennels need to work with the selected floor.Common ways kennels seal to a floor and how to prevent cross contamination.Pros and cons of different slope options and drain placements and how it impacts kennel design.

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