In-home euthanasia service comes to Cincinnati


Home with Dignity expands its end-of-life care for more owners and pets across the country

Photo courtesy of PRNewsfoto and Home With Dignity.

Photo courtesy of PRNewsfoto and Home With Dignity.

Home with Dignity is a mobile in-home euthanasia service for pets that currently operates in 11 cities across the United States, including Atlanta, GA; Baltimore, MD; Cleveland, OH; Columbus, OH; Colorado Springs, CO; Kansas City, KS; Kansas City, MO; Minneapolis, MN; Philadelphia, PA; St. Louis, MO; and now offering Cincinnati, Ohio.1,2 Founded by Jim Humphries, DVM, in 2015, Home with Dignity aims to provide a compassionate end-of-life journey in the comforting and familiar environment of the pet's own home. The company believes this helps owners say goodbye to their beloved pets in an easier way by taking out the struggle of transportation.

Humphries has been a veterinarian for 43 years and owned and operated successful practices in Texas, Oregon, and Colorado. He is an adjunct professor at the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine. “Having pets all my life, I not only know the incredible benefits and joy they bring us, but I also know the unfortunate heartache of loss because they leave us too soon. Because of this, I have a special interest in the new and fast-growing specialty of palliative and home hospice care, which includes a peaceful end of life.” Humphries said on the Home with Dignity website.

“Our pets are living longer today because of better nutrition and advanced medicine and cancer therapies. Many pet owners want their pets to enjoy the remaining months they have. These pets that give us so much unconditional love, joy, and sense of family, deserve the best end to their life we can give them. That includes pain control, special nutrition, the ability to enjoy and interact with family, and just like you and I, the dignity they deserve as they reach the end of life.”1

With advanced equipment and a team of skilled veterinarians, the organization is dedicated to honoring the special connection between pets and their owners with compassion and respect. Beyond offering euthanasia services, Home with Dignity provides extensive assistance to pet owners navigating end-of-life decisions, including grief resources, virtual advice, and support with aftercare options.2

"Making the decision to say goodbye to your pet is one of the hardest choices pet owners have to make," said Pam Kloepfer, DVM, lead veterinarian at Home With Dignity in Cincinnati. "My goal is to make that experience as comfortable as I can for the pet owner and their pet, and part of that is choosing to grieve at home."2

Originally from Cincinnati, Kloepfer relocated to Columbus, Ohio, where she earned both her undergraduate and DVM degrees from The Ohio State University. Following this, she went on to complete a 1-year small animal rotating internship at Louisiana State University, and finally, returned to Columbus and devoted 10 years to serving as an emergency veterinarian and also assisting Pet Poison Helpline as an associate veterinarian.2,3

During her time in emergency practice, she frequently encountered pet owners grappling with the profound challenges of their pets facing life-threatening illnesses or trauma, prompting numerous discussions about pet euthanasia. Recognizing the considerable stress experienced by both owners and pets in the emergency room setting when contemplating euthanasia, she concluded that providing in-home euthanasia was the optimal choice.


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