Improving work-life balance


During a dvm360® interview, Lauren Catenacci, PhD, outlined the role both individuals in the veterinary field and the practice play in supporting a positive work-life balance.

In a dvm360® interview, Lauren Catenacci, PhD, head of people and culture at Galaxy Vets, provided methods for veterinary professionals to preserve their mental health. She also explained that the practice can help promote a healthy work-life balance by encouraging behaviors that promote boundary setting.

View the video below for the entire discussion. The following is a partial transcript.

Lauren Catenacci, PhD: I do think a considerable amount of responsibility falls on the practices to reinforce behaviors that support boundary setting. So some of those examples are not using a compensation model that incentivizes long hours, offering flexible scheduling and part-time employment, increasing support for parents with kids, hiring relief [veterinarians] to balance the workload so that people don't get burned out or for cover when there is burnout.

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